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  2. Propagating violence is wrong regardless of your religious subscription. Sadly, some may never be able to comprehend their own hypocrisy. #UnwittingImbecileHollyFisher

  8. apatheticannieee:

    If I’m ever going to be effective, I need to start listening and not exist from a sense of moral benevolence, but rather a sense of partnership. I stumbled across an individual in my research tonight for a class that quite frankly gave me back the hope I was beginning to lose. I was told today, I could never make a difference in helping the homeless, not even in my volunteering, that money needs to come from a private sector and the city/state would never fund such a deal to end homelessness. In fact, his exact words were, “you don’t have the money therefore you can’t help.” I agree, but that won’t stop me from doing the little things that help for the time being, I’ll give them hope. I’ve failed to help them in a long-term sense. Failure can be such a motivating force. #StayingIn


  9. Remarkable act of courage & faith by Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick. Here’s THE RIGHT WAY to show our American strength.